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Your non-stick utensils will last longer if you properly use and store them. As you know the pans are easy to clean and use. On the contrary, they will spoil in no time if not properly handled. This article will give you mistakes many people make when using non-stick cookware.

Mistakes to avoid when using nonstick cookware

Too much heat

Avoid cooking under too much heat. High temperatures easily damage the coating of the pans. With time the surface will as well be damaged if exposed to a lot of heat. Depending on the coating of your utensils, too much heat can lead to emission to toxic vapors.

Non-stick cooking spray

You are not supposed to use non-stick spray on non-stick utensils. This is among the worst mistakes you can make. Continuous use of incompatible sprays will stick on the utensils and won’t burn no matter how long you use the pan. The spray mostly accumulates on the sides of the pans. You will use a lot of energy to rub off that substance.

Seasoning your pan

You should season your utensils often. Why is this, you will have food cooked better, and your utensils will last longer. Pre-seasoning is also Important. Rinse and dry your pans well, then rub a teaspoon of cooking oil on the pan with a towel. It is best if you do this before using the pans.

Sharp objects

Your non-stick cookware should never meet abrasive objects. For example, never use metal spatulas or knives to scrap foods stuck on your pans. Avoid the use of steel wool as well. Using the above items damages the pan’s coating. If you realize that the coating of your pan is peeling, replace it immediately. If you have to remove anything on the utensils, use wooden spoons. Use a soft non-metallic sponge or brush for cleaning.

Cleaning in the dishwasher

Many non-stick pans are labeled dishwasher safe. The thing is you must never use harsh soap or hot water to clean the utensils. With time, the coating starts to peel off meaning your pans are spoiled. Many people make the above mistakes with non-stick utensils hence suffering a huge loss. We are all aware how expensive non-stick cookware can be. Proper care must be taken, for the safety of your health and budget too.…