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How To Select Age Appropriate And Safe Toys

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As kids move from infants to preschool phase, they undergo many development stages. At every phase, toys preferences change. As a parent, you must understand all changes and give the expected support for progress in each stage. There are a million types of toys to select from; you will find yourself confused about what to buy. One thing you must understand is that toys should be bought as per interest and age. Toys should be safe and durable. Read on to get tips on how to buy toys at different growth stages.

How to buy toys

At six months

happy babyAt six months, a baby becomes aware of what is happening around. They will start crawling, recognizing people and things they touch. It is at this phase that the baby learns finer motor skills and manipulating their fingers. You will see them pick stuff and bang against others. At this stage, you should buy toys of different shapes, colors, sounds and sizes. The toys should help the baby build up abilities and discover more.

Preschool age

This marks another development phase. They can walk around at this stage. They will explore and discover the environment. They learn how to speak. They will try to call out names of items around them. The baby is becoming more independent at this stage. Toys bought at this stage should be able to enrich their lives. Buy toys that inspire, improve their creativity and imagination at age two. A suggestion would be puzzles, playing sets, musical toys, and books. Such will help them grow all round.


boy playing on beachIf you are buying a toy for six months or two-year-old baby, the key thing is to buy toys that fit their development stage. When shopping for toys whether online or in the physical stores, it is important to check the age brackets on the packaging. This will help you select the most appropriate toys. With the above said, begin to search for toys that excite your kids, those that teach them new things and gives a new playing experience. Toys should not only be fun but should be inspiring and educational. You can take your children for a play date to your friend’s house. This way they learn more games, see new toys and will learn on sharing, especially if they do not have siblings yet.